about prices

Our Prices are effective January 1, 2017. Prices subject to change without notice. Rental prices apply to one day use. Special rates for longer rental are quoted on request. Delivery and pick up in Salt lake City is free if order is over $375.00 before tax. All orders are subject to location and conditions of contract & packages. Delivery charge is $30.00 to $90.00. Delivery charge includes: normal ground floor delivery and pickup but does not include set up and take down of equipment. Set-up and take-down charges quoted on request. For pickup all equipment must be stacked and packed as delivered. During peak business periods, a minimum of 4 weeks notice may be required to reserve equipment. It is recommended that you order as early as possible.



    White Plastic Folding Chair $1.75

    Classic Folding Chair Natural Wood, Padded $2.75

    White Resin Folding Chair $2.35

    Classic Mahogany Folding Chair, Padded $2.75

    Antique Gold Chivari Chair $8.50

    Elegant Silver Chivari Chair $8.50

    96" Rectangular Banquet Table, (Seats 10) $7.25

    72" Rectangular Banquet Table, (Seats 8) $7.25

    48" Round Table, (Seats 5) $7.25

    60" Round (seats 8) $7.25

    32" Round (seats 3) $7.95

    32" Round Bar Height $8.50

    120"& 90" Round Table Linens (Fits 60", 32" & 32" pub Round) $11.00

    90x156, 90x132 Long Table Linens (Fits Banquet type tables) $12.00

    Pintuck Runner $3.75

    Pintuck Sashes $1.00 each

    Grand Rosette Runner $3.95

    Pintuck Napkin $0.60


    Royal Blue Pintuck Sash Special $0.90

    Luxury Rosette Runner $3.95

    Grand Rosette Chair Caps $1.50

    Fender Passport Ceremony P.A System (Great for small events) $75.00

    1200-Watt 3 way Sound P.A system with 18' Subwoofer. (great for Receptions and large events) $145.00

    Silver Cupcake/Center Piece....(Great for many uses as a Cup Cake/Candle/flower Holder/ Centerpiece) $20.00

    Serpentine 72" table - Great for buffet (needs 4 tables to make picture above) $7.50

    2.5 gallon Drink Dispensers - Great for buffet $15.00